Bar Specials at 508 Gastrobrewery

If there was a special on at the 508 gastro brewery, then you just had to take them up on the offer. Sometimes it was a cheaper price for something, which is always good in my book, or it was a limited chance to try a special menu item or a new cocktail.

My favorite 508 bar specials over the years

The oyster bargain of the century

I had the great fortune to experience many of the bar specials at the 508 over the years I visited. One of my very favorite bar specials was when they were selling oysters for $1 a pop. Normally they were $2.50 but occasionally you got the chance to have tasty fresh oysters at a discount price. I always made the most and had dozens, probably a few too many really! I still haven’t shifted those extra pounds I put on during the 508 days!

The strangest beer I’ve ever drunk

Being a bit of a penny pincher, and knowing that every beer sold at the 508 gastro brewery was bound to be good, I couldn’t resist ordering a beer on bar special even though it sounded rather peculiar. The name of this beer was The Bacon Cheesebruger and was brewed in collaboration with Thrillist. Now the big clue to the ingredients is in the name. It may be hard to believe, but this beer did actually taste of bacon cheeseburgers. How did they do this? Well they used a smoked malt. The malt has been smoked over bacon cheeseburgers. Yes, actual bacon cheeseburgers! But it didn’t stop there. To the brew was added 12 toasted sesame buns, 12 toasted Portuguese muffins and 12 toasted brioche mini buns. If that’s not the strangest beer you’ve heard of, I’d love to know what is! Of course the only meal to have with this brew was of course one of the wonderful 508 burgers, with extra cheese and bacon!

An extra special cocktail

My final pick of the bar specials at the 508 was a cocktail called A Kiss From Violet. This was on special one time and I thought it would be nice to have a change from beer. This little delight in a glass was made of gin, cream Yvette, Q lemon soda and lemon juice. Absolutely gorgeous it was!