The menu at 508 Gastro Brewery

Of course everyone had their own favorite dishes at 508 gastro brewery, but we’ve picked out a few dishes that we personally thought were extra special. Perhaps you had your own favorites? Or maybe you agree with our own particular selection?

Smaller dishes perfect for snacking

I particularly liked the fact that if you wanted a snack, there were plenty of options. You weren’t tied down to having a big filling meal. You could stop off and have a sneaky little bite to eat on your way home from work, without spoiling your appetite. I have to admit to doing this once or twice when I was supposedly on a diet and had nothing at home to look forward to other than a plain salad! These dishes were also ideal for sharing, especially if you ordered two or three of them. This is something I did with friends on a regular basis.

The oysters with cocktail sauce were really delicious, but what I loved even more were the crispy oysters that came with the Double Diablo dish. It’s not a dish I’ve ever seen elsewhere and that’s a huge shame. This dish consisted of spicy devilled eggs, with beer battered oysters and was served with crispy bacon, aioli, jalapenos and horseradish. It certainly had a kick to it! My favourite dish for sharing was the duck nachos. You got a big helping of cheese smothered nachos, topped with a generous portion of shredded smoked duck and tasty BBQ sauce. You got all the traditional accompaniments you’d expect too, such as beans, sour cream and guacamole.

The best of the burgers

The 508 did several great burgers, but my pick of choice was the 10oz Pat Le Frieda burger. I don’t know if it was the home made pickles or the caramelized onions that made this burger so flavorsome but it really was special. I used to order it with onion rings and some extra Swiss cheese.

If you were feeling very hungry

If you were looking for something that would fill you up and comfort you to the core, then the fried chicken was awesome and fit the bill perfectly. It was a simple dish, cooked to perfection. The combination of perfectly tender fried chicken with garlic mashed potato was just wonderful.