Lunch at 508 Gastrobrewery

You couldn’t beat eating lunch out at the 508 gastro brewery. The menu changed with the seasons, and everything was as fresh as could be. They were only open for lunch during the week. Which was a shame really as I’d have loved to have spent a leisurely Saturday lunchtime dining there. Instead I had to make do with swift visits in my lunch hour from work, and a longer stay when I had a rare day off.

Those amazing pizzas

I may have mentioned before, once, or twice, that I adored their flame grilled flat bread pizzas. So I’m certainly not going to apologize for mentioning them again. There were two options for lunch. Italian sausage or artichoke. Both were gorgeous, but don’t try and eat both at once. I tried that once – never again!

Salads Galore

When it came to salads, you had loads of choice. If you were on a health kick, then you certainly couldn’t go wrong with the Multi-Grain Macrobiotic Salad. This vegan salad was certainly packed full of healthy ingredients such as bulgur wheat, black beans, wheatberries, red onions, apple, walnuts and raisins. It was served with fresh mint and dill and an apple cider vinaigrette. Me? Well I preferred the Curry Chicken and Cashew salad myself! Both the chicken and the cashews were curry flavor. You also got the sweetness of red grapes and mandarin oranges. Topped with tortilla strips to add a crunch and drizzled with an Asian dressing, it was a true treat.

Some great sandwiches

There were also some amazing sandwiches. You got a big portion and they came with fries or a green salad at no extra cost. The steak tacos were really special, I loved them because they came with pineapple. The salmon BLT was also a decadent treat.

Pasta dishes for the perfect comfort food

If the weather was cold outside, then a pasta dish would soon warm you up and put a smile back on your face. The pasta was all home made too! The truffled mushroom pasta was perfect for any fungi lover! Made with white truffle essence, parmesan, cream and a variety of mushrooms. The roasted duck pasta was also pretty special. Who would have thought Brussels sprouts would work with duck or pasta! But they certainly did.