Dinner at 508 Gastrobrewery

There were few celebrations in my house that didn’t result in a meal out at the 508 gastro brewery. Any excuse and we’d be there! We loved the menu, it changed regularly, so you never got stuck in a rut or ran out of new dishes to try. My wife and I both enjoying dining out here. It was easily accessible from our home which made it really convenient. The relaxing atmosphere always made us feel at home.

Our seafood sharer

This tradition started out one Valentines Day and we repeated it often. We would order the Jumbo sea scallops, the salmon tartare and the crab cakes to share between us. A decadent sea food platter that was a real treat and certainly too good to only have once a year! We found this just perfect for two, we certainly didn’t need an entrée after that, but sometimes we would treat ourselves to a dessert!

Wonderful entrées

If we weren’t having a seafood treat night, then we’d usually plump for something off the ‘Bigger Plates’ menu. My wife particularly loved the mussels with fries, perfectly cooked in white wine, butter, basil and garlic and served with seasoned herby fries and cooked cherry tomatoes. Meanwhile, my bigger plate of choice was the braised lamb shank. This was slow cooked and just fell off the bone, it was served up with thyme corn pudding and sautéed kale and onions. Another beautiful dish was the truffled mac and cheese. It came with lobster as an optional extra, but once you’d tried it with lobster, you could never again have it without!

Divine desserts you simply could not resist

It was always important not to over face when eating at the 508 gastro brewery. Because if you did, you’d have to miss out on dessert, and the desserts at the 508 were pretty much unmissable. My wife adored the molten chocolate brownie, served hot and gooey with a generous scoop of Gelato it was a chocoholics dream. I tended to pick something different every time, I do love my desserts. The bread pudding was very good. It stood out from other bread puddings because it came with a gorgeous blueberry sauce.