The on deck beers at 508

A highlight of a visit to the 508 Gastrobrewery was of course, sampling the beer! Their selection of beers ‘on deck’ was always interesting. There was always something to try that you’d never had before, and often, that you’d never even heard of! Here are some of our favorites…

Szechuan Paradise Saison

The name of this ale comes from the ingredients. Szechuan peppercorns, and Grains of Paradise. Dried lemon peel was added to give this ale a really nice citrus flavor that mixed well with the spiciness.


Another wonderfully named ale, this kettle soured braggot was made with wildflower honey giving it a wonderful sweet honey flavor. The honey was even sourced from the local New York Tremblay Apiaries!

The Cheat

The Cheat was made using just a single type of hop and a single malt, namely, Golden Promise malt and Citra hops. This delightful session ale was made using the hop bursting method.

Karl Ronson’s Private Reserve Cherry Saison

There’s something wonderful about cherry flavored beers and this one was no exception. The cherries for this brew were picked fresh in New York! Each batch was made with 140 pounds of these tart cherries, it’s no wonder the cherry flavor really pushed through in the saison style ale. A real treat for anyone who loved cherry flavor.

Steel Dreamin’ IPA

Steel Dreamin’ was packed full of different malts and hops. It was made with Citra, Warrior, Cashmere, CTZ, Bitter Gold, Centennial and Triple Pearl hops, and with Maris Otter, Wheat and Pilsner malts. Phew! If that wasn’t enough ingredients, they also added some cane sugar which really added a certain special taste to this IPA.

Leverage The Enemy

I always thought Leverage The Enemy sounded rather ominous, but it was a great Berliner Weisse style ale, kettle soured and made with 50% pilsner, 50% wheat and some Hersbrucker hops too.

Jasmine Rice Cream

I’d never tried a rice cream beer before I went to the 508 gastro brewery, and it is something really special. If you’re bored of your current favorite brews, a rice cream beer will give you renewed enthusiasm for your craft beers. This particular beer was made using rice flakes, US pale malt and pilsner malt. The hops were Simcoe and Warrior and then it was blended with freshly brewed jasmine tea.