About our site

If you’ve just arrived on this website because you’ve searched for the 508 gastro brewery, we are sorry to inform you that this is not the official website of the 508. It hasn’t reopened I’m afraid. No, we simply set this website up as a tribute to this fantastic eating place and bar.

A little about my story

I discovered the 508 gastro brewery several years ago. I was meeting up with a colleague on a weekend. After we’d got our work done, he suggested a beer. I knew he was a big fan of craft ales, so I expected to be taken somewhere that served them. So I was expecting a bar with some good beers, but what I didn’t expect, was the wonderful gastro brewery that was the 508. One glass became two, and then I was so entranced by the lovely smells wafting over from meals being brought out of the kitchen, I suggested we have a bite to eat. This is when I found out that wood fired flatbread pizzas are the best pizzas of all!

Once I knew this place existed, and that it was amazing, I visited on a regular basis. I often took my wife, and other family members and friends when they visited, and it always got a great reaction from them. This place was like a home from home for me. The staff were so friendly they came to feel like real friends over the years. The special meals they put on for New Years Eve were spectacular, I’m so glad I got to experience them.

How we all found each other and this site came to be

When it was announced that the 508 gastro brewery would be closing down, I was gutted. After the closure, I went online and just put the name ‘508 gastro brewery’ into Google, for no real reason! I guess I was just missing the place. Quite a way down the results, I found a post on a local forum, with several people lamenting the loss of this great establishment. Someone had suggested that a website as as a tribute to it would be a good idea, and so I decided to set up this site, with a little technical help from some of the other past regulars at the 508.