Jennifer Hill - Chef & Owner

Jennifer Lynn Hill has a singular goal since she opened 508 GastroBrewery in August of 2008: to passionately prepare delicious food that will make people come back again and again.
At 508, Jennifer has created a Rustic Mediterranean-American menu that offers perfect morsels of tapas, light brunch or lunch fare, entrees light or robust, and original side dishes, all distinctly her own. She is determined to keep the food at 508 GastroBrewery interesting, straightforward and flavorful.
Jennifer has made New York City her home for the past 17 years. She has always had a fascination and love for food, but moving to the city stimulated her passion about food and her desire to become a chef.
“In many ways, cooking and blending the right ingredients to make delicious food is symbolic of Manhattan. All the flavors are here; in one gigantic city that breathes amazing and diverse food, it’s hard to find a taste this city doesn't have or can’t get".
Jennifer has a degree from Institute of Culinary Education and has attended New York University. She trained in two Mario Batali's Restaurants before opening her first restaurant, Barracuda, in The British Virgin Islands.
508 GastroBrewery is the second venture for her, but NYC is her home. She is currently looking for spaces to open another GastroBrewery in Midtown.
While Jennifer is continually pleased with guests’ reactions to her food, and thrilled with the the continued success of 508 GastroBrewery, she is excited about her adorable daughter Neve. Her personality lights up the room whenever she visits 508.