Open every day but Sunday, there was always something going on at 508. It was a great place to visit, with it’s own brewery on site, you were guaranteed some fantastic beers to go with the lovely food. The 508 Gastrobrewery had a lot of fans, especially for people who love their craft beers. I was one of those fans and still am, and so that’s why I set up this site. It’s not the official website of 508 any more, but it’s nice to keep the memory of this wonderful bar and restaurant alive isn’t it?

You’d find 508 restaurant and bar at 508 Greenwich Street, New York City. So obviously that’s where they got the name from! They were open from 11am until midnight, Monday to Friday and from 4pm until midnight on a Saturday. They were closed on a Sunday, but after a weekend out at the 508, you needed a rest day anyway!

The owner of 508, Jennifer Hill, was also the chef. I think when the owner is doing the cooking, you’re pretty much guaranteed a great meal as they will certainly want the restaurant to succeed and be popular. Jennifer has a degree from the Institute of Culinary Education and previously owned a restaurant in The British Virgin Islands. Her passion for food certainly shone through in the rustic Mediterranean – American menu at the 508!

Jennifer opened up the 508 gastro brewery in 2008, and it was pretty much an instant success, but when she teamed up with brewer Chris Cuzme in 2012, that’s when things really started to take off for the 508. A great restaurant is one thing, but a great restaurant that also serves unique craft ales brewed on site, well that’s just out of this world!

The food at 508 gastrobrewery

While the 508 gastro brewery was famous for its beer, it also served up some really delicious food. The menus changed with the seasons, so you’d always get fresh seasonal produce. The lunch menu had a good choice of salads, sandwiches to suit everyone, tasty and filling pasta dishes and my personal favorite, firegrilled flatbread pizzas. The dinner menu was even more spectacular, and those flatbread pizzas were still available on an evening, much to my delight! On an evening, they offered a wide range of sharing dishes which were a lot of fun. I would often visit with a good friend and share a few dishes. We’d usually have some sliders, either the BBQ rib sliders or the beef brisket sliders. They were both gorgeous. One day we were there and we were told that they oysters are being sold at $1 a pop. Well that was an offer we couldn’t resist, and they were totally amazing oysters. If you wanted a larger meal, you had plenty of options too. The pasta dishes were always popular, especially the lobster shrimp pappardelle. This was made from lobster and shrimp, obviously! With a mixture of mushrooms, and drenched in a gorgeous, yet light cream and tomato lobster sauce. It was so delectable!

You could also sample some tasty desserts. The cream cheesecake with Graham cracker crust was particularly special, as were the churros which were coated in sugar and cinnamon and served up with a hot chocolate dipping sauce. You could also have bread pudding, a warming hot brownie or delicious caramel apple cake with a divine caramel drizzle. The ice cream and sorbet was home made too, so I always had a scoop of this with whichever dessert I chose.

The Beer at 508 gastro brewery

No visit to the 508 restaurant and bar was complete without sampling at least one of their amazing beers. All the draught beers were brewed on site in 50 gallon batches. The flavors were as quirky and exotic as some of the names of these beers. It was a lot of fun trying something new each time I visited. Midnight in Bruges was one of my regular favorites, a gorgeous rich Belgian Black Ale. If I wasn’t in the mood for alcohol, then I’d opt for Wittle Wabbit, a tasty but low ABV witbier in the Belgian style, made with chamomile. For something completely different, the Jasmine Rice Cream beer was well worth a try. A real taste sensation, made with rice flakes and jasmine tea. Or for something very special, the Karl Ronson’s Private Reserve Cherry Saison, made with fresh New York tart cherries was a decadent treat. But at 7% ABV it was one you had to be careful with or else you’d overdo it!

Stunning cocktails were a real treat too

Not a big fan of beer? No problem, you certainly weren’t going to feel left out, because instead of a beer, you could have one of the fantastic cocktails on offer at 508 gastrobrewery. I think I tried them all over the years. Smoke & Fire was something else, and not for the faint hearted! This was a blend of Reposado Mezcal, passion fruit juice and smoked paprika syrup, to which was added Habanero and pineapple purée! If you were looking for something a little more gentle, then Billie’s Holiday was a wise choice. This was a mix of sweet dark mead, lime, gin and tonic water. My personal favorite was Release the Kraken. Firstly, the name was awesome, I used to find it highly entertaining going up to the bar and declaring “Release the Kraken please!” in the most dramatic voice I could muster. But then I am easily amused! This delightful cocktail was made from Kraken spiced rum, hence the name, to this was added cane sugar rum, B&B, fresh sour cherry juice and their own home made Rass ginger syrup. It was the perfect combination that I always kept coming back for.

Wine with your meal? No problem

If you’re a traditionalist, then you probably wanted a glass of wine with your meal. Well there was also a small, but incredibly well chosen wine list. There were three white wines available. Ruffino Luina Pinot Grigio, Beringer Founders Estate Chardonnay and La Petite Perrieve Sauvingon Blanc. If you preferred red then you had four options to take your pick from. You could go for the Fetzer Crimson Cabernet, the Tussock Jumper Pinot Noir, the Les Abeilles Cotes du Rhone Syrah or the Terra Andin Malbec. Can’t decide between red or white? Then you could always go for the Sables d’Azur rose. Celebrating a special occasion? Well that calls for something fizzy for sure! You could always toast your guests with a lovely glass of sparkling Blue Giovello Prosecco.

Live Jazz at 508 restaurant & bar

Another great treat at 508 was the live jazz performances that you could enjoy every Tuesday in the bar. This came about because the brewer, Chris Cuzme also had another talent, he is a great saxophonist too! He’d play every week with talented guitarist David Cinquegrana and a host of the best jazz musicians in New York City would regularly join them. Eric Wheeler, Steve Doyle, Ari Hoenig, Edward Perez and many more all played at 508 gastro brewery.

A great place to hold your party or event

508 gastrobrewery was also available for private functions. There were three rooms available depending on the size of your gathering. You could choose from the Wine Room, the main dining room or the Chef’s Table. For a truly spectacular event, you could opt for a custom beer or wine pairing lunch or dinner. This was perfect for a birthday or anniversary treat.

My favorite time to visit 508 gastro brewery

The best time to visit 508, in my opinion was New Years Eve. It’s a special night of the year, and I always like to celebrate it in style rather than sit at home watching the TV! The 508 gastro brewery always put on a really special meal with a specially selected menu, just for this night. Places went fast so I always booked my table well in advance. You got a drink in with the set menu price so I thought it was very good value. Finding a great place to eat on New Years Eve can be tricky, but I’d found my answer. It’s such a shame they are no longer open for business! Last time I went for New Years Eve was in 2015. I remember it well. I had a beer with my meal, and I chose the delicious oysters for a starter. For the main course, I was highly tempted to order those flatbread pizzas. But I always had those, so instead I opted for the Salmon Tartare and I’m glad I did, it was gorgeous, with just enough horseradish sauce, fresh avocado and potato gaufrette. Luckily it was a lighter dish, so I had plenty of room for a big bowl of roasted duck tagliatelle. However, fitting dessert in was a bit trickier, but I did manage to squeeze in a slice of New York style strawberry cheesecake.